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Colon Tubes for Your Enema Bag

Colon tubes are available here at Enema We sell colon tubes in a number of different sizes. We also sell colon tube adapters so that you can use these colon tubes with just about any enema bag that we sell. For this reason we sell five different sizes of colon tubes / rectal catheters. We source these items from both India and from Holland.

How to mate your colon tube to an enema bag:

  • The smallest (14 French) colon tube needs to be mated to the enema tip that is provided in most 2 quart enema kits.

  • The 18 French and 20 French colon tube can mate to the enema tip provided in most 2 quart enema kits as well as the rigid tips that are provided with the other bag kits.

  • The 36 French and 40 French colon tubes are too large to mate to a standard enema tip. They require the adapters sold below to mate to a 1/4 inch tubing kit (like most 2 quart bags) or a 1/2 inch tubing kit (like our larger bags use).