A Lube Shooter with a 15ml Capacity

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Introducing the SI Lube Shooter with a 15ml Capacity, a simple yet highly effective tool designed to enhance your intimate experiences by delivering lubrication precisely where it's needed. This lube shooter is an essential accessory for those who prioritize comfort and convenience during their intimate moments.

Product Features:

1. 15ml Capacity: The SI Lube Shooter boasts a generous 15ml capacity, ensuring you have an ample supply of your favorite lubricant for uninterrupted pleasure. Say goodbye to the hassle of repeatedly applying lube during intimate activities.

2. Silicone Seal Ring: Designed with your comfort in mind, this lube shooter features a silicone seal ring. This ring ensures a secure fit between the shooter and the lube, preventing any unwanted leaks or messes and allowing you to focus on your enjoyment.

3. Smooth Tip for Easy Entry: The lube shooter's smooth and tapered tip makes insertion a breeze. It ensures a comfortable and gentle experience while delivering the lubrication precisely where you want it. No more awkward or messy applications.

4. Thoughtful Design: Measuring at 7.5 inches in length and 0.75 inches in diameter, the SI Lube Shooter is ergonomically designed for easy handling. Its compact yet practical size allows for precise control, giving you the ability to tailor your lubrication to your specific needs.

The SI Lube Shooter with a 15ml Capacity is a must-have accessory for individuals and couples looking to enhance their intimate moments. With its generous capacity, silicone seal ring, and user-friendly design, this lube shooter ensures that lubrication is delivered smoothly and precisely, enhancing your overall comfort and pleasure. Say goodbye to interruptions and messes and say hello to a more satisfying and enjoyable intimate experience.

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Gets it up there

I want to play deep and lubing up just my asshole isn't going to be enough for me. This injector really goes deep and gets me ready.


Site Review: Fast, cheap, great.

what I needed

Site Review: Exactly what I needed


Site Review: They bring in new and useful enemas all the time.

Great place

Site Review: When you order an enema, it arrives at your house quickly.