A Medium - 8 oz. - Enema Bulb by Skwert

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Step into the world of well-being at EnemaSupply.com, where we offer a curated selection of top-notch products to support your personal cleansing.

Introducing the "Skwert Medium 8 oz. Douche Kit" – a versatile enema bulb designed to meet your personal cleansing needs.

Product Features:

1. Ideal for Travel: The Skwert Medium 8 oz. Douche Kit is the perfect companion for those on the go. Its compact size and thoughtful design make it convenient for travel, ensuring you can maintain your hygiene routine wherever you are.

2. 8 oz Bodysafe PVC Bulb: The kit includes an 8 oz. bulb made from bodysafe PVC material, prioritizing your safety and comfort during use. The bulb is easy to squeeze, allowing for precise control over the cleansing process.

3. 3 Unique Hygienic Translucent Wands: This kit includes three distinct translucent wands to cater to various cleansing preferences:
- Soft Silicone Wand: Gentle and flexible, ideal for those seeking a comfortable cleansing experience.
- Deep Cleaning ABS Plastic Wand: Designed for thorough and deep cleaning.
- Firm Easy Insert ABS Plastic Wand: Engineered for easy insertion, providing a reliable and efficient cleanse.

- Bulb: 4" x 3" - 8 oz
- Thin Tip Wand: 3.3" x 3" - 1 Hole
- Silicone Wand: 4.2" x 5" - 1 Hole
- Thin Tip Wand: 5.4" x 5" - 8 Holes

Care Instructions: Cleaning the Skwert Medium 8 oz. Douche Kit is a breeze. Simply use mild soap and water for thorough cleaning after each use. This kit is compatible with all types of lubricants, offering versatility in your choice of personal lubrication.

The Skwert Medium 8 oz. Douche Kit is a reliable and hygienic solution for maintaining your personal cleanliness and well-being. Whether you're at home or on the road, its travel-friendly design ensures you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine. Please remember to use this product responsibly and in accordance with your personal needs and preferences.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Skwert Medium 8 oz. Douche Kit – an essential addition to your personal hygiene arsenal.

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