A Shower Enema With a 7 in. Phallic Nozzle

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At EnemaSupply.com, we extend a warm welcome to those seeking quality health solutions, providing a carefully selected range of products for your well-being.

Introducing the "H2O Splish Splash 7 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche" – a complete anal cleansing system designed to provide both cleanliness and pleasure.

Product Features:

1. Efficient Cleansing System: The H2O Splish Splash 7 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche offers an efficient and thorough anal cleansing experience. It ensures you're fresh and prepared for your intimate moments, combining cleanliness and pleasure.

2. Versatile Installation: This kit easily attaches to most shower heads, thanks to the included universal diverter valve. You can effortlessly control the water flow to your enema tip, allowing for maximum pleasure and customization.

3. Realistic and Pleasurable Design: The kit includes a removable PVC realistic cock-shaped nozzle that not only serves its cleansing purpose efficiently but also adds an element of pleasure to the process. Cleaning becomes a stimulating and enjoyable experience, providing the sensation of a hot hookup.

4. Durable and High-Quality: Crafted from phthalate-free PVC for the realistic dildo, as well as other high-quality materials, this cleansing system is built to last. You can trust its durability and reliability for long-term use.

5. Waterproof and Easy Maintenance: The H2O Splish Splash 7 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche is designed to withstand exposure to water, making it suitable for use in wet environments. It's easy to clean with warm soapy water before and after each use, ensuring proper hygiene.

The H2O Splish Splash 7 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche offers a complete cleansing solution with added pleasure. Whether you're preparing for intimate moments or seeking an efficient and enjoyable cleaning experience, this versatile system has you covered. Step into the shower with confidence and indulge in the ultimate combination of cleanliness and pleasure.

Enhance your shower routine with the H2O Splish Splash 7 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche – your ticket to efficient, stimulating, and hygienic anal cleansing. Enjoy the sensations of a hot hookup while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. It's time to get fresh and clean in style.

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7 inches is big

This is bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I can fit it.


Site Review: I chatted with a rep online and got exactly what I needed


Site Review: Piece of cake

Very easy

Site Review: Very easy to figure out