The nJoy Pure Wand - Stainless Steel Prostate Tool

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Introducing the nJoy Pure Wand, a premium stainless steel prostate tool designed for exquisite pleasure and unparalleled satisfaction. Crafted with precision, this luxurious toy offers a direct connection to your most sensitive spots, whether it's the G-spot or the P-spot, for an experience that goes beyond ordinary stimulation.

Key Features:

1. Perfect Curvature: The nJoy Pure Wand is expertly designed with the ideal curvature, ensuring that it effortlessly reaches and stimulates your target areas. Whether you're using it for G-spot or P-spot pleasure, the ergonomic shape guarantees maximum satisfaction.

2. Dual-Ended Design: This stainless steel masterpiece features tapered tips of different sizes, allowing you to choose the level of intensity that suits your desires. Experiment with the 1.5-inch and 1-inch diameter ends for versatile sensations.

3. Premium Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Pure Wand not only looks elegant but also provides a firm, controlled massage. It's not only durable and body-safe but also perfect for temperature play. Warm it up or cool it down for added sensations.

4. Ample Length: With a generous length of 8 inches (200mm), the Pure Wand offers ample reach, allowing you to lay back and relax while you or your partner explore the heights of pleasure.

5. Substantial Weight: Weighing in at 1.51 lbs (680g), the Pure Wand offers a substantial, satisfying heft that enhances its effectiveness in delivering pleasure. The weight adds a sense of fullness and firmness to your experience.

Experience the next level of intimate pleasure with the nJoy Pure Wand. Its combination of precise design, dual-ended versatility, premium stainless steel construction, and substantial weight makes it a must-have for those seeking intense and deeply satisfying sensations. Whether you're indulging in solo play or enhancing your partner's pleasure, this exquisite prostate tool is designed to elevate your intimate moments to new heights. Get ready to discover the joy of the Pure Wand and unlock a world of pleasure possibilities.

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Customer Reviews

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Cleans easily

Easy to clean. The stainless is mirror-finished

Worth it

This might be worth the price. It's a nice box, nice product, easy to clean. Top quality.

Great but you pay for it

It's not cheap. It is really nice.


The feeling of this inside you is unreal. Find yourself a partner that will treat you with this thing and stay with them. It's wow!

Great selection

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