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14 French Colon Tube


Our Smallest Colon Tube, 14 French, 15 inches long

Our smallest colon tube. Enema supply sells a number of colon tubes and this is the smallest one.

Item# E-7271-1

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Colon tubes are a hard to find item that you can purchase here at Enema We sell colon tubes in a number of different sizes. We also sell colon tube adapters so that you can use these colon tubes with just about any enema bag that we sell. For this reason we sell five different sizes of colon tubes / rectal catheters. We source these items from both India and from Holland.

We carry three fairly small sizes that are each approximately 15 inches long.

This particular colon tube is the smallest we sell. It appears in the photo as the smallest colon tube (closest to the bottom). It has a diameter of 14 French (about 1/4 inch). French is a unit of measure. 15 French would be larger, 13 would be smaller.

colon tube sizes in a chart