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Intimate Invasions by M. R. Strict


Intimate Invasions - A Book About Enema Use

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Intimate Invasions is a book about klismaphilia, or, the use of enemas for erotic or sexual purposes. The author, M.R. Strict, is an experienced practitioner of klismaphilia whose stories and information about the psychology, physiology, and safety of sensual enema use have been found useful and enjoyable by hundreds of thousands of online visitors. Now, Strict has compiled his vast knowledge and tips on how to bring the exotic and exciting practice of klismaphilia into your bedroom in the form of a comprehensive book. Intimate Invasions is primarily written in anecdotal form, blending advice and useful information with sensual storytelling in fictional stories such as "The Enema Bandit," "The Reorientation," "A Phillipic on Morality," "The Punishment," "Over the Milking Stool," and "Twelve Steps to Effective Anticipation." Whether you are an experienced practitioner of klismaphilia or want to experiment with it for the first time, Intimate Invasions is sure to help you spice up your lovemaking by trying something new.