Gent-L-Kare Cleansing Enema Set

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The Gent-L-Kare Cleansing Enema Set comes with everything you need to set up an easy and hygienic enema for yourself or someone else. Its enema bag holds 1500CC of liquid, and comes attached to a 60” hose. The hose also has a detachable pre-lubricated nozzle tip and a tubing clamp to control the flow. The Gent-L-Kare Cleansing Enema Set also includes a moisture proof drape, to help prevent spillage and make it easier to clean up after your enema. It also comes with one packet of castile soap concentrate which can be mixed with water to create an enema solution. The Gent-L-Kare Cleansing Enema Set is disposable and intended for a single use. This is the best way to ensure that the process is entirely hygienic and lower the risk of infection. All items in the Gent-L-Kare Cleansing Enema Set are latex free. Contents: one 1500CC enema bag, one moisture proof drape, and one enema soap packet.



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