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1 Gallon Black Enema Bag Set

1 Gallon Black Enema Bag Set

A one gallon silicone enema bag set that comes with everything you need.

Item# E-KL740

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This set provides everything you need in an enema bag kit. It features a gallon rubber enema bag, a hose, clamp, hook and enema tips, all in a nice carrying case. This kit includes:
One gallon black rubber bag.
2 meter black hose (72 inches)with an inside diameter of 5/16".
A box of four tips ranging in size plus a connector.
Stainless steel hook.
A stainless steel clamp.
A leather carrying case. These tips are 9/16" dia. x 2 9/16" long, 15/16" dia. x 2 1/2" long, 3/4" dia. x 3 1/8" long, and 3/4" dia. x 5 1/4" long.

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