b-Vibe's 10 Piece Anal Education Set - Master's Edition

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Introducing the b-Vibe 10 Piece Anal Education Set: Master's Degree Edition Black, a comprehensive collection meticulously designed for the connoisseurs of anal exploration. This advanced anal set, also known as the b-Vibe Anal Education Master's Degree, is a diploma-worthy toolkit curated to elevate your derrière-dunking expertise. Let's explore the key features of this professional-grade collection:

Key Features:

1. Prostate-Pounding Pleasure: The Master's Degree Edition includes a wide array of products to cater to the needs of experienced enthusiasts. Revel in extreme anal stimulation with the Snug Plug 6, specially designed for discreet plugging, and the Rimming XL Plug for unparalleled anal euphoria.

2. Size Matters: With large anal beads and a training cone included in the set, you'll be well-prepared to explore the depths of extreme pleasure. These toys are designed for those who appreciate a substantial experience.

3. For the Afistionados: For those who crave a truly wide plunge, the set comes complete with a set of 12 black nitrile gloves. These gloves provide the essential protection and comfort needed for advanced anal play.

4. Lubrication Expertise: The kit includes a bulb enema and a lubricant applicator to ensure you're well-prepared for a comfortable and hygienic experience. Proper lubrication is key to advanced anal play.

5. Comprehensive Guide: You'll receive the Masster's Collection Guide, an informative resource that provides insights and tips for advanced anal play. Stay well-informed to take your anal experience to the next level.

6. Convenient Storage: The set includes a storage bag to keep your advanced anal toys and accessories organized and discreetly stored when not in use.

7. Designer Packaging: The b-Vibe Master's Degree Edition comes in designer packaging, ensuring that your premium anal set arrives in style.

For those who take their anal play seriously, the b-Vibe 10 Piece Anal Education Set: Master's Degree Edition Black offers a diploma-worthy experience. With an impressive array of products, including the Snug Plug 6, Rimming XL Plug, large anal beads, nitrile gloves, and more, this kit is tailored to meet the demands of true bussybuilders. Dive into extreme anal pleasure while staying well-equipped and well-informed with the included guide. Elevate your expertise in derrière dunking with the ultimate toolkit for anal aficionados.

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Big kit

This is a big kit but every piece is different.

discreet package

Site Review: This company cares about privacy and so do I.


Site Review: They are honest and weird and I like that.

Reasonable shipping

Site Review: Lots to choose from and reasonable shipping charge

Stays private

Site Review: They make sure your personal information stays private and safe.