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Embark on a journey of comfort and cleanliness with, your dedicated partner in providing top-quality enemas and enema-related products.

In the world of intimate care and personal hygiene, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your intimate items is paramount. The Safe Sex Antibacterial Toy Bag, designed with meticulous attention to detail, offers a cutting-edge solution to maintain the hygiene of your cherished toys.

Product Features:

1. Antibacterial Properties: The Safe Sex Antibacterial Toy Bag employs ultra-fine silver crystals, known for their exceptional antimicrobial properties. These crystals release silver ions at a controlled rate, effectively inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Your intimate items will stay clean and safe, even during extended storage.

2. Long-Lasting Effectiveness: Unlike some conventional methods of antibacterial protection, this bag's silver ions continue to work as long as the conditions for bacterial growth exist. This means you can trust in the long-lasting effectiveness of this product, providing you with peace of mind regarding the cleanliness of your intimate toys.

3. Lint-Free Material: The bag is constructed from a special material that is lint-free. This ensures that no unwanted particles or fibers will attach to your toys, maintaining their pristine condition and preventing any potential irritation.

4. Smooth and Satiny: The bag's satiny smooth texture not only feels luxurious but also adds an extra layer of protection to your toys. It's gentle on the surfaces of your intimate items, preventing any scratching or damage during storage.

5. Convenient Drawstrings: Equipped with convenient drawstrings, this bag allows you to cinch it shut securely. This feature ensures that your toys remain securely enclosed and protected from external elements.

The Safe Sex Antibacterial Toy Bag in the large size boasts dimensions of 12.25 inches by 5 inches, providing ample space to accommodate toys up to 9 inches in length. Whether you have a single cherished item or a collection of intimate toys, this bag has you covered, offering a reliable and hygienic storage solution.

In the realm of intimate well-being, maintaining cleanliness and safety is non-negotiable. The Safe Sex Antibacterial Toy Bag stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology and meticulous design, ensuring that your intimate moments are not only enjoyable but also hygienic. Trust in this bag to protect your intimate items, providing you with confidence in every use.

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I guess it works

I dont' really understand this, but I wash the toys and put them in this little bag and they don't get funky. I think it lets the water evaporate out???


Site Review: I knew nothing but the site helped me choose properly.

Huge selection

Site Review: Huge selection

straight forward

Site Review: is straightforward and honest. You get what you expect, and that's really good when choosing enemas for your health.


Site Review: It was really easy.