An Adjustable Thigh Sling - Helps You Stay In Position

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Introducing the Sportsheets Saffron Adjustable Thigh Sling Position Support – your key to achieving perfect and comfortable positions for enhanced intimacy. This innovative accessory is designed to elevate your pleasure and ensure you stay in the ideal angles for penetration, making your intimate moments more satisfying and enjoyable than ever before.

Product Features:

1. Easy-to-Use Sling: The Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Sling is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to effortlessly set it up for your desired positions. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and tiring maneuvers; this sling simplifies the process.

2. Comfortable Cushioning: The soft neck and leg rests offer comfortable cushioning, ensuring that you and your partner can relax in the chosen positions without discomfort. The plush padding enhances your overall experience, making it all about pleasure and relaxation.

3. Body-Weight Support: This sling utilizes your own body weight to maintain the desired thigh position. No more struggling to hold your legs up with your hands – the sling takes care of it, allowing both you and your partner's hands to explore other sensual areas.

4. Versatile Usage: You can wrap the comfortable leg rests around your thighs or use them as stirrups for your feet, providing versatility in positioning. With your legs comfortably pulled back, your partner gains better access and can reach greater depths, leading to a more satisfying experience for both of you.

5. Neck Rest for Enhanced Viewing: The neck rest serves a dual purpose – it lifts your head for a better view and provides added support. This means you can enjoy a clearer perspective while your partner enjoys deeper penetration, creating an intimate connection like never before.

Constructed with high-quality PU leather and featuring adjustable straps, the Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Sling Position Support ensures durability and adaptability for various positions and preferences. It's a versatile tool that enhances your sexual experiences and allows you to explore new depths of pleasure.

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer in the realm of passion or looking to spice things up, this adjustable thigh sling will revolutionize your intimate encounters. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to satisfaction with the Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Sling – the ultimate accessory for achieving deeper penetration and unforgettable moments of pleasure.

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Site Review: I chatted with a rep online and got exactly what I needed

I'm old and big

I'm old and big and this works a treat. I can't hold my legs up in the air for very long but sometimes I get so constipated the my husband has to give me an enema. When we were younger he would do it by putting by ankles on his shoulders, but he is small and older and my heavy legs were getting the better of him. It was quite a site. This sling really helps us. From the pictures it was deisgned for kinky stuff. WE are just two old kooks trying to help each other stay alive. we laugh about the kinky stuff!

Great selection

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Nice response

Site review: "Customer service was great and my problem was resolved in hours"

Huge selection

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