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Introducing the Sheets of San Francisco Throw, your ultimate solution for worry-free and indulgent bedroom adventures. Designed to cater to your desires and protect your bed, this fluidproof rubber feel sheet offers a high-quality, tough, and tactile experience that ensures both comfort and practicality.

Product Features:

1. Fluidproof and Waterproof: The Sheets of San Francisco Throw is engineered to be fluidproof and waterproof, making it the perfect safeguard for your mattress. It provides an impenetrable barrier that shields your bed from any moisture, liquids, or mess during your intimate moments.

2. High-Quality Construction: Crafted with a focus on quality, this throw boasts a durable and tactile design. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of passionate encounters, ensuring your bed remains protected for years to come.

3. Breathable and Machine Washable: Despite its formidable protective qualities, this throw remains breathable and comfortable for your enjoyment. Additionally, it is conveniently machine washable, making cleanup a breeze. After each use, simply toss it in the washing machine, and it's ready to go again, maintaining hygiene and freshness.

4. Seam-Free Top Surface: The throw features a seam-free top surface, enhancing its comfort and usability. Its two-ply design and polyurethane fabric ensure a smooth and pleasant experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your desires.

5. Generous Dimensions: Measuring 84 inches by 100 inches, this throw provides ample coverage for your bed, accommodating various activities and positions. It offers a spacious and inviting surface for you and your partner to explore your fantasies without limitations.

The Sheets of San Francisco Throw is more than just a protective sheet; it's an essential accessory that enhances your intimate experiences. Whether you're planning a night of sensual massage, passionate lovemaking, or any other bedroom adventure, this throw ensures that you can fully enjoy the moment without worrying about any mess.

Elevate your bedroom activities with confidence, knowing that your bed is shielded by this high-quality, waterproof throw. Its durability, breathability, and easy maintenance make it a practical addition to your bedroom, allowing you to focus on pleasure and intimacy. Experience the tactile and protective qualities of the Sheets of San Francisco Throw and make your intimate moments truly unforgettable.

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Made it easy

Site Review: Made it easy

Great but man, the price

These are really nice but I think that I should just buy a painter's dropcloth or something. I do put them (by themselves) in the washing machine on cold afterward.


Site Review: Piece of cake

what I needed

Site Review: Exactly what I needed

Very easy

Site Review: Very easy to figure out