A Vibrating Enema - Black

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Introducing the "Vibrating Enema - Black" – a cutting-edge cleansing device that combines hygiene and pleasure in a sleek and innovative package. While we're not medical professionals, we're here to provide you with insights into this exceptional product from the medical supply industry.

Product Features:

1. Versatile Use: The Vibrating Douche is designed to cater to both men and women, offering a comprehensive cleansing and pleasure experience that suits a wide range of users.

2. 10-Function Vibration: Elevate your cleansing routine with the 10-function vibration feature. Not only does it ensure effective cleansing, but it also adds a layer of stimulation for those seeking a more satisfying experience.

3. Premium Silicone: Crafted from 100% silicone, this device prioritizes comfort and safety during use. Silicone is not only body-safe but also easy to clean, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

4. Squirts and Vibrates: This innovative device combines the functionality of a douche with powerful vibrations, allowing you to enjoy both efficient cleansing and pleasurable sensations.

5. RoHS Compliant and Phthalate-Free: Safety is paramount. The Vibrating Douche is RoHS compliant and free from phthalates, ensuring that it meets stringent quality and safety standards.

6. Waterproof: Take your cleansing routine to the shower or bath without worry. The device is waterproof, providing you with both convenience and versatility in your hygiene regimen.

7. Rechargeable: The Vibrating Douche is rechargeable, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. With a quick 40-minute charging time, it offers up to 100 minutes of use, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly device.

Product Specifications:
- Size: Length – 8.5 inches, Width – 2.75 inches
- Voltage: 3.7 V

The "Vibrating Enema - Black" reimagines the concept of intimate cleansing, offering a comprehensive and satisfying experience that combines functionality, hygiene, and pleasure.

Please remember to use the "Vibrating Douche" responsibly and follow the provided instructions. If you have any concerns or questions about its usage, consider seeking guidance from a healthcare professional. Elevate your personal hygiene routine with the Vibrating Enema – a versatile and innovative device designed to provide comfort, efficiency, and a touch of pleasure to your intimate cleansing routine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Why does it vibrate?

Does it vibrate for some health reason?

Breaks up the impacted poop

I was really impacted and I needed an enema. It happens fairly often to me unfortunately, probably related to the Keto / Caveman diet that we eat in my house. I've used an enema in the past to loosen things up by squirting up there and holding it for a while. I would wiggle around to try to get the water to mix with the cement of my impacted poops. With this device I figured the vibration would help sorta mix and break it up.


Why not have one that vibrates too. Just don't use it anally and then put it anywhere near the front of you. That would be bad.

Not great

It's OK, not great. good.

How is this supposed to be used?

I haven't bought this, but I want to know more about how it is used?