A-Play Ext Thick Anal Lube - Oil-Based Lube - 4.5 oz.

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Introducing A-Play Extra-Thick Anal Lube - Oil-Based - 4.5 oz., the ultimate solution for intense and satisfying anal play experiences. This specially formulated oil-based lubricant is designed to provide the perfect cushioning and thickness, making it ideal for those seeking maximum comfort and pleasure when using large anal toys.

Product Features:

1. Thick and Long-Lasting: A-Play Extra-Thick Anal Lube is exactly what you need for intense and extended play sessions. Its exceptional thickness ensures that it stays in place and lasts as long as you desire, reducing the need for constant reapplication.

2. Cushioning Oil-Based Formula: The unique oil-based formula of this anal glide offers superior cushioning and lubrication. It's specifically designed to enhance your comfort and enjoyment during anal activities, providing a smooth and pleasurable experience.

3. Free from Parabens, Glycerin, and Sugar: Your health and safety are paramount. This lubricant is free from parabens, glycerin, and sugar, making it a body-friendly option for intimate use. You can enjoy your playtime without worrying about potentially harmful additives.

4. Generous 4.5 oz. Canister: With a 4.5 oz. canister, you'll have an ample supply of this exceptional anal lube at your disposal. You can focus on your pleasure without interruptions, knowing you have more than enough to satisfy your desires.

A-Play Extra-Thick Anal Lube - Oil-Based - 4.5 oz. is the perfect choice for those who want a high-quality lubricant that can handle the demands of intense anal play. Its thick and cushioning formula ensures a pleasurable experience, and its generous size guarantees you won't run out when you need it the most. Whether you're into fisting or using large anal toys, this oil-based anal glide has got you covered for a smooth and enjoyable journey of exploration and pleasure.

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Customer Reviews

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Bad with condoms

great lube, bad with latex condoms, so most condoms are NOT compatible with this lube. Watch out.

Easy to use

Site review: The website is easy to use. You can quickly find what you want without getting confused.

Came quickly

Site Review: I ordered and it came to the house privately and quickly.

Repeat buyer

Site review: I don't keep these things forever because I feel like they get used up a bit, I always come back here to rebuy. They are quick to ship and easy to work with.

A little weird

Site Review: Great selection and some weird products too.