Enema Supply FAQ

Enema Supply.com has been online since 1999 and PriveCo Inc. (our parent company) has been selling enema related items online since 1998. Since that time, we have been asked countless questions on the phone and online. One way, we help to answer any enema-related questions you may have is by keeping a page of frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy these products?
We understand that you might want to make a purchase locally, or you may need the product right away, but unfortunately, the enema products we sell are quite specialized, it is unlike you will find them anywhere locally, so please shop online here at EnemaSupply.com. We have a number of different shipping methods to meet any speed or budget.

Do you print an enema products catalog?
Our website works as our only catalog. We are sorry that there is no print edition. One reason that we do not print a catalog is that we do not keep a mailing list. Mailing things to customers is against our strict privacy policy. Besides, We would feel awkward shipping a catalog of enemas to people. Imagine if it was shipped to the wrong person! So, the website will have to suffice. We are aware of a company that printed an enema catalog in the 1980's but that person retired some time ago.

Where can I buy enema supplies locally?
Unfortunately, enema products are a niche item and it is not likely that there will be a local source for you in your area. You may find one or two items at a larger chain-pharmacy. Your best bet is to shop online. Before the internet, a company like ours simply could not exist. Now, we can ship items all over the world from our Michigan warehouse.

Do you sell a Barium Enema?
People ask this all the time. We are a little confused. Although we sell other items for enema solutions, we do not sell Barium Sulfate. Barium Sulfate is for x-ray use. It is somewhat dangerous and should be purchased through the company where you purchase your X-ray supplies. There is no reason for Barium Sulfate to be used for personal use. Outside of x-ray procedures, Barium Sulfate has no purpose and can be dangerous.

Can a single use enema item be used more than once?
Many of the products we sell are packaged for one use. These are designed to be used in a hospital environment where a number of different individuals are treated. In this environment a disposable product is often best.

Do we sell tubing, fittings, etc. individually?
Our company sells only product that is approved or waived by the FDA. We sell all of the items that we can acquire that meeting this criteria. You will find a plethora of approved products on this site including tubing and nozzles.

In late 2002 some of your products and purchasing procedures changed, why?
In the 1990's a small number of individuals suffered from severe allergic reactions to latex enema equipment. The cases were severe due to the internal nature of the reactions. Since that time the FDA has continued to exercise control over medical equipment sold in the US. We agree that some restraint needs to be shown and have revised our procedures to support this.

Do we have: Larger enema bags, enema boards, shaped enema nozzles, novelty products, enema nozzles with inflatable tips, and any other products?
We sell many types of enema supplies. In fact, we will sell any enema product that is legal and safe. One way that we determine if a product is safe for sale is its status with the food and drug administration. If the manufacturer has not sought FDA approval, we do not offer their product. Some products are FDA approved but they require a physicians prescription. We cannot offer these products unfortunately. Bardex products fall into this latter category, Bardex nozzles are not legal for sale to individuals, beware of any website that is offering them, as they are directly violating the law.

Is this business legitimate? Is that all you do, sell enemas?
EnemaSupply.com is a very serious business. While it isn't the largest retailer on the internet, it is a very important part of our business. Enema supplies are not all that we sell, the parent company of EnemaSupply.com sells all sorts of personal and embarrassing products online. The entire company is called PriveCo. Here is more information about PriveCo Inc.

Thank you for reading and shopping at EnemaSupply.com.