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Rinservice Shower Enema

Rinservice Shower Enema

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The Rinservice Shower Enema is an all-in-one complete shower enema kit that’s perfect for travel. It features a high-capacity silicone enema bag with a built-in hanging clip that allows it to easily attach to any shower head. Attached to the bag are a 78 inch hose and a 51 inch overflow bag, so this enema is easy to use and mess-free. It also comes with a flow adjustment clip, two interchangeable sizes of plastic enema nozzles, and a travel bag that all the parts of the Rinservice Shower Enema fit neatly into so you can take it with you on the go.

The Rinservice Shower Enema is made of phthalate-free silicone with plastic nozzles. The smaller nozzle is 3 inches long with a diameter of 0.4 inches. The larger nozzle is 4.5 inches long with a diameter of 0.75 inches. The Rinservice Shower Enema should be cleaned after use with toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water.