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Flow Regulating Shower Enema

Flow Regulating Shower Enema

Item# E-WTC108CP

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The Flow Regulating Shower Enema comes with everything you need to turn your normal shower pipe into a flexible and versatile enema or douche. The Flow Regulating Shower Enema comes with the following:

  • Flexible 6-foot-long shower hose
  • Universal diverter valve with flow regulator
  • Gently curved nozzle with flow regulator
  • Washers for snug and secure assembly

The Flow Regulating Shower Enema is easy to install in your shower using the simple instructional diagram on the back of the packaging. The nozzle has an ergonomic handle and a 3-inch insertable portion with seven differently angled holes to ensure water dispersion. This enema’s two flow regulators - one for the shower pipe and one for the enema nozzle - allow you to fully control the water flow from both your shower head and your enema, so you can use them together or separately.