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Cleansing Enema Bag Set


Enema Bag Set - 1.5 Quarts - Hospital Style

The Cleansing Enema Bag Set is single use, disposable, clean and ready to go, making this a very convenient enema set. We suggest it to customers who are trying to replace the fleet bag enema.

Item# E-DYND70102

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The Cleansing Enema Bag Set is a hospital-style enema which is a perfect replacement for the fleet enema bag. It is a single use disposable enema, making it very convenient and sanitary. It comes with:
-1500 mL enema bag
-Preattached tube (60 inch length)
-Prelubricated tip with protector
-Tubing clamp
-Enema soap packet
This is a set that is easy to use and keeps things very clean.

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