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Long Nozzle Enema Pump


Long Nozzle Enema Pump

An easy-to-use Enema Pump with a particularly long nozzle.


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The Long Nozzle Enema Pump is a very easy-to-use enema, making it ideal for first-time users, the elderly, or anyone who has trouble squeezing bulbs or operating flow control valves. All you have to do with this enema is press down on the pump, just like a liquid soap dispenser. This enema pump holds 11.83 ounces (350ml) of water or the enema solution of your choice. It comes attached to an extra-long 7 inch nozzle with a diameter of roughly 0.30 inches. This makes it ideal for deep cleansing without being too intrusive. If you are looking for your first enema device or want a deep-cleaning enema that’s simple to operate, the Long Nozzle Enema Pump is a great choice.