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Higginsons Enema Syringe


Higginson Enema Syringe


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The Higginsons Syringe is 24 inches long and comes with a black two inch nozzle. This syringe features a pump in the middle of the tube, which allows you to pump water into the colon more thoroughly.

The Higginsons Syringe allows you to overcome liquid flow obstructions through occasional pumping. This helps greatly in avoiding cramps and achieving a thorough colon cleanse.

A higginson syringe or higginson enema is like a pump that can be used to pump an enema solution into the patient. Like a syphon hose, the syringe includes an in-line bulb that can be pumped to provide pressure and flow.

This higginson syringe is made from a red rubber and you can expect about 1-3 ounces per pump depending on how completely you squeeze the bulb.

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